SeaClear2.0 Blue Event

On this Earth Day, Aprin 22nd, the University of Dubrovnik, hosted the SeaClear2.0 Blue Event, organized by the University of Dubrovnik and the Regional Agency DUNEA RDA, Community of Practice.

More than 20 members of the Community of Practice attended, along with 20 students from Dubrovnik Maritime-Technical School.

Participants were treated to fascinating lectures on sea pollution and EU projects aimed at protecting our ocean.

Dr. Ivana Palunko, head of LARIAT-Laboratory for intelligent autonomous systems, presented the aims and achievements of the SeaClear2.0 project, emphasized the importance of Mission Ocean, and discussed the role of the Community of Practice. This was followed by four presentations on various environmental topics delivered by LARIAT’s researcher, Iva Pozniak: marine litter, climate change, issues at the river Neretva delta, and underwater noise pollution.

The highlight of the day was the visit to LARIAT’s laboratory, where participants, mostly students, witnessed autonomous robots developed through the SeaClear1.0 and SeaClear2.0 projects collaborating with humans to clean our seas and preserve ecosystems.

Join our mission to protect our ocean and safeguard our planet’s future!

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