SeaClear2.0 at Euromaritime with Subsea Tech!

Represented by our partner, Subsea Tech, SeaClear2.0 took the spotlight at Euromaritime from 30th January to 1st February 2024 at the Marseille Exhibition Center, Parc Chanot,  showcasing groundbreaking innovations dedicated to ocean protection and restoration.

Euromaritime is a biennial trade show for blue growth manufacturers. This event, dedicated to the blue economy, has extended its reach to include the Mediterranean, aspiring to become a key meeting and business hub for the Euro-Mediterranean maritime region. Hosted at Parc Chanot in Marseille, this gathering is at the forefront of marine industries and the blue economy. Serving as the nexus of the maritime sector, the exhibition unites stakeholders from French, European, and Mediterranean maritime industries, with a particular focus on Maritime Transport, Ports, Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, as well as Maritime Technologies of the Future.

Thematic Areas at Euromaritime
Cyber Security (SEA-ITsecurity): Tackling cyber-malware for a resilient maritime future.
Research (SEAresearch): Unveiling future technologies in Marine Renewable Energies (MREs) and marine biotechnologies.
Innovation (SEAnnovation): A spotlight on cutting-edge developments driving maritime progress.
Pollution Remediation (SEAprotect): Pioneering technologies to safeguard our rivers and seas.

For the latest updates and information, visit Euromaritime’s website.

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