Subsea Tech is a SME founded in December 2005 and based in Marseille, specializing in marine and underwater technologies with 3 main activities:
• R&D: development of bespoke solutions to answer specific needs in underwater observation, intervention or monitoring based on customer supplied specifications.
• Production: fabrication and sales of small and medium series of mini ROVs, unmanned catamarans (USV) and underwater cameras for underwater video/acoustic inspection and monitoring.
• Site services: underwater inspection services with a team of professional pilots for video/sonar 2D and 3D imaging, bathymetry, photogrammetry, mainly on underwater civil works like dams, harbours, bridges, canals, locks, canalizations, water reservoirs, etc.
Subsea Tech is one of the world leaders in mini-ROV fabrication, keeping a strong R&D activity in order to be able to develop new products, in particular for the sectors of harbour security and surveillance, and marine renewables offshore structures. Subsea Tech is accredited « research organization » by the French Ministry of Education and Research and is a member of the R&D cluster Pôle Mer Méditerrannée (Toulon).

Subsea Tech addresses all markets, companies and institutions, national and international, with specific needs for innovative and non-standardized solutions in marine and underwater sectors, in particular:
• Civil engineering (underwater civil structures inspection)
• Marine Renewable Energies (wind turbines inspection)
• Oceanography, hydrography and environmental measures/monitoring
Storage and transport of potable and waste water
• Ports security (infrastructures and ships)

Subsea Tech has an international network of distributors and agents, allowing its presence on all 5 continents. Subsea Tech has sold over 300 underwater and marine robotic systems worldwide.

Subsea Tech is leading the upgrade of SeaClear1.0 system’s hardware to the new SeaClear2.0 system, including the redesign and fabrication of the SeaCat USV to accommodate the grapple for the lifting of heavier items, the design and fabrication of the tender shuttle, the design and fabrication of the surface litter collection systems, and the upgrade of the sensory systems of the USV, ROV and UAV. SST will also host one of the project demonstrations in Marseille (FR).


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