Technical University of Munich

Winged by its entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraged by its proven potential for progressive change, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has become Germany’s flagship university of technology, awarded the title “University of Excellence” three times in row since the birth of Germany’s Excellence Initiative.  

TUM draws its strength from the research and education excellence of its seven TUM Schools and reinforces transdisciplinary innovations through mission-driven Integrative Research Institutes. In response to rapid societal change in the age of digitalization and biologization, TUM has been fundamentally reforming the concept of engineering, opening it up to natural and life sciences, medicine, business management, humanities and social sciences.

People are at the heart of TUM‘s aspirations. The central mission aims to enabling diverse talent across all levels, advancing education, new knowledge creation, and entrepreneurial venturing, and shaping future labor markets aligned to society’s values and the needs of our natural environment. From a transnational community of curious, open-minded students all the way up to global alumni, TUM leverages the intelligence of the entire TUM family, mobilizes the unique Greater Munich’s science and industry network, and partners with leading global institutions.


Stefan Sosnowski

Work package leader for control overhaul

Petar Bevanda

Research Engineer in underwater control for grasping

Jan Brüdigam

Research Engineer in underwater control for grasping

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