Save the date: 2nd EU Blue Parks Workshop!

The 2nd EU Blue Parks Community workshop on ‘Effective management of Marine Protected Areas” is on March 7th in Brussels!

Join European Blue Parks Community’s first in-person workshops and explore EU-funded research, policy updates, and case studies on marine protection across Europe!

The European Blue Parks Community Community aims to protect 30% and strictly protect 10% of the EU sea areas by 2030, fostering cooperation across EU sea-basins.

This event is part of European Ocean Days, featuring discussions on Mission Ocean, future priorities, blue innovation, investment opportunities, and ocean literacy activities.

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1st EU Blue Parks Community Workshop

The 1st EU Blue Parks Community workshop on marine ecosystem and biodiversity protection and restoration across EU sea-basins convened over 120 experts on November 24, 2023.
The workshop stressed improving MPA management, good governance, and setting clear conservation goals, including strict protection measures. Key talks centered on MPA networks, reducing pressures, tackling transboundary issues, and involving stakeholders in MPA planning and management.

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