Join the EcoDaLLi Lower Danube and Danube Delta Living Labs!

Are you a researcher, policymaker, environmentalist, entrepreneur, or simply interested in the topics water systems or biodiversity? Are you looking for a dynamic platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and innovative solutions?

Then join these events:
Lower Danube Living Lab – Focus: Restoration of Water Systems
Danube Delta Living Lab – Focus: Biodiversity Strategy 2030

Both events are taking place in the framework of the International Symposium “Deltas and Wetlands” in Tulcea, Romania!

EcoDaLLi Project is the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) of the Danube & Black Sea Lighthouse within the EU Mission “Restore our Oceans and Waters by 2030”. EcoDaLLi centralises governance structures and innovative solutions for the ecological restoration, protection and preservation of the Danube basin and beyond.

To register – for the whole symposium or simply one of the Living Labs click here.

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