Blue Mission BANOS 2: Navigating the Blue Economy in RIGA

Get ready for the thrill as Blue Mission BANOS’ 2nd Mission Arena unfolds on April 23-24, this time in the vibrant city of RIGA, Latvia!

Building on the momentum from the 1st Mission Arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, this event is on a mission – to spark inspiration, foster engagement, and rally support from stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea. The big picture? To make the Blue Economy carbon-neutral and circular by 2030, in harmony with EU Mission Ocean’s objectives.

The 2nd Mission Arena is turning its gaze towards the local and regional communities of Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Sweden (Gotland and the south-east).

A flashback to the 1st Mission Arena

The 1st Mission Arena rocked the scene on 14-16 November, centered on the Western Baltic region, inviting all stakeholders actively engaged or interested in the Baltic and North Sea.

The first Mission Arena presentations, event report, and results are now available, unveiling the ROADMAP 2030: Steps for the Effective Deployment of Mission Ocean & Waters in the Western Baltic. Click here to learn more!

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