Blue Mission BANOS’ 1st Mission Arena Unveiled

Blue Mission BANOS lighthouse inspires, engages, and supports stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea (#BANOS) to achieve a carbon-neutral & circular blue economy.

Embarking on the ambitious journey outlined by the EU Mission Ocean, the upcoming Blue Mission BANOS’ 1st Mission Arena is set to unfold from November 14 to 16 at the Lindholmen Conference Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. Simultaneously, this groundbreaking event promises a stimulating experience with interactive sessions, workshops, pitching events, demonstrations, and networking opportunities, all strategically aligned to achieve key objectives:

Cultivating Innovative Blue Economy Solutions in the Western Baltic
Showcasing Circular and Carbon-Neutral Approaches
Contributing to EU’s Mission Ocean

As the event unfolds, it will spotlight various dimensions of the blue economy. In particular, it will emphasize sectors like blue food, bioresources, biotechnology, low-trophic aquaculture & products, and multi-use, providing inventive solutions to global challenges. Moreover, attendees can anticipate a comprehensive exploration, covering existing technical solutions, addressing innovation gaps, exploring funding and business models, and scrutinizing regulatory frameworks.

Centered on the Western Baltic region, spanning Germany (Western Baltic), Denmark (East), Sweden (West/South), and Norway (South), the 1st Mission Arena extends a warm invitation to all stakeholders actively engaged or interested in the Baltic and North Sea.

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